There's two paths in this... (Haise Sasaki/Kaneki Ken X reader) | DISCONTINUED |

There's two paths in this... (Haise Sasaki/Kaneki Ken X reader) | DISCONTINUED |

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Natural born potato By kaneki_is_life Updated May 14, 2016

(This is the third book of a series but there's a chapter in the beginning telling you what you don't need to do,please read)

Welcome to the transition of living the hell called 'the ghoul world' to moving out and being trusted in 'the CCG world'

That's right,you have been asked to join the CCG.As a full on ghoul.


You've been introduced to the quinx as well as this man about the same age as you called Haise Sasaki

He...reminds you of Kaneki 

But,after what happened to him?
He couldn't possibly be the same being.

• interesting bit about this book? •

You either help Haise regain his memories.


Build a new relationship with Haise and start from scratch.

Which means...

There's two paths in this...


Seeing as this book has discontinued,it actually hasn't reached its ending

What would be interesting to see if any of you guys would like to write your own ending to it! 

If you would like to write your own twist ending to it please go ahead and write your own version! 

Although if you would like me to read and comment on it then tag me in it to make sure I'll see it! 
I may discontinue this book but it doesn't mean I'll discontinue the account!

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When the fastest person gets tagged and starts running towards you
ExcujiMehh ExcujiMehh Jan 22
A choice with no regrets (if u get what i mean...*whisper "sasageyo saageyo.."*)
When your mom is about to beat your ass and your start running around the couch
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*grabs an apple and shoves it ino the pen* UUUGGH!! APPLEPEN!!
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Oh Yea thanks tokyo ghoul you made me scared of suitcases in real life now
Im faded!! So lost im faded I faded because I was lost in ur eyes u handsome devil - hands u a rose-^u'