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In which a boy named Jeon Jungkook saves a girl with nothing left to live for; or so she thinks.

written by ~ minfires
word count per chapter: 1000-2000

(ok lemme just say that i am not proud of this story and its development in every area. I wrote this in a weird state and just freakin terribly. forgive me)

Pluviyo Pluviyo Apr 14
Weird, I have the same exact description of my morning? Including her body structures????
Kureaa_Gurl Kureaa_Gurl Aug 09
                              GON' FINNA CATCH ME
                              UH, IMMA GIVE ALL OF THIS BABY
                              CALL ME PRETTY AND NASTY
                              CUZ WE GONNA GET IT
                              MY LOVE U CAN BET ON IT
                              THEN BLCAK WE GON'STACH ON THEM AND DOUBLE IT WOAH!
                              I'LL BE THE BONNIE AND
                              YOU'LL BE THE CLYDE
                              WE RIDE OR DIE
                              X'S AND O'S
I was just like nah I won't comment anything about the song cos this is self harm,  but then I looked at the comments lmaooooo
SunshineLA SunshineLA Mar 29
Omg I'm only finished with the first chapter and I'm already so inloved with this 😆😭💕💕 like what the others said, it's so beautiful and detailed, you can really picture what's happening 😊👍🏻❤️
-meachii -meachii Jul 20
I'll be the bonnie and you be clyde, we ride or die, X's and O's~
                              (Lmao I tot of Lisa rapping her line)
Yoongii_gc Yoongii_gc Nov 05, 2016
It's only the first few chapter and I'm so into it. It's so beautiful, everything is beautiful.