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One Direction bsm preferences

One Direction bsm preferences

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mishelam By mishelam Updated Jul 14, 2016

Niall: "Niall! I'm going out." you scream as you run down the stairs. You made plans with your friends to go to the mall. "Wait wait wait wait." you hear him scream. "What?" you ask annoyed as you put on your shoes. "You can't go." he says demanding. "And why not?" you ask. "I told you at least 4 times to go and buy groceries but you didn't listen. Now you aren't allowed to go out." he explains and crosses his arms. "But Niall." you start to whine but he cuts you off. "No (Y/N). You know the rules. And that's it." You only shake your head as you pull of your shoes and run to your room slamming the door shut. Fuming you open the window and look down. It's not to high you think to yourself as you jump down. Just as you want to start to walk you hear someone clearing his throat. Slowly you turn around to see Naill leaning against the doorway. "If I were you I would be in the house in 5 seconds or you're grounded for 2 weeks and not one." he says stern. Realising it's the best to listen to...

yourbishLEAKS yourbishLEAKS Aug 10, 2016