Emotionless (Harvey Specter)

Emotionless (Harvey Specter)

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Liz By LizStyles_ Updated Aug 18

Harvey Specter was the best closer in New York. He did his job and got where he is today by not giving a shit about his clients or the people around him. After all, if they know you care they'll walk all over you

But when he hires Cora as his new senior associate after Mike makes partner, it becomes harder than it once was. Harvey and Cora are given a personal case that could lead to the arrest of some close to her, and she can't handle the fact that the mighty Harvey Specter might loose.

They spend every night working, Harvey puts his opinions over hers and they have a feud, can it end with her job in tact and Harvey winning this case? Only time can tell.

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- - Feb 21, 2016
I like the story plot and how you described them. The only thing was a few spelling errors and the capitalization, not to offend you, it's a bit distracting. Otherwise, I really like the chapter.
coolforinfinity coolforinfinity Feb 23, 2016
That moment when your favorite schlub has 100 reads on ze chapter
Fascinator Fascinator Jan 25, 2016
Great cover, the chapter length was good.  
                              I loved the story overall. The flow of the story was good. Grammar was pretty good too.!
O2l_Day_Dreamer O2l_Day_Dreamer Jan 10, 2016
I've never watched suits, actually I didn't even know that show existed. But your bookis making me want to watch it! Your writing is incredible, and I'm excited to read more. Good job!
- - Jan 06, 2016
Suits is one of my favorite shows so I was excited to see this! I love the story already. The tension between Cora and Harvey is so fun to read and Cora's strong-willed character is refreshing.
Revivo365 Revivo365 Dec 27, 2015
Love it can't wait till you update and see where you go with this story💕