Alexandra and the Pirates of Bargadan

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Nina By MaskedAuthor Updated a year ago
When pirates invade her town and start capturing slaves, Alex does the only thing she can think off; pretend to be a BOY. Throw into the mix a volatile Captain Scar who is the head of the most notorious pirates who buys her and a treasure hunt to obtain riches and you have a very dangerous combination 
    Alexandra will embark on her greatest adventure that will challenge all her ties, threaten all that she believed in, crack the walls of steal around her heart (thanks to Captain Scar) and change her future forever.
    And when her past starts to catch up; her only future may be with pirates. She is about to fall in love with a person who wants to destroy her at any cost.
im really enjoying this! it looks like it going to be an amazing story! really interesting plot btw! :D
@MaskedAuthor Awesome will totally check out the next chapter when you post it. This is really good.
Holy wow!! This just took a turn I didn't see coming. This is really really great. I love this. I really really want it to continue. I hope it does. Awesome job.
Can u upload more! I am really hooked and  am desperate to find out what happens