Mission: Take Yugi-sensei's First Kiss

Mission: Take Yugi-sensei's First Kiss

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At Domino High School, Yugi Mutou is a high-school English teacher in class A-1. The class is included Yami Sennon, Anzu Mizaki, Joey Wheeler, Triston Honda, Malik Ishtar, and Ryou Bakura. Everyone in that classroom, except for Joey and Triston, are in love with their teacher, but only one will succeed in winning the innocent heart of their sensei. They decided to have a competition by splitting up into groups and if one of their team members get Yugi's First Kiss......they'll get to go on a DATE to Kaiba's Amusement Water Park! Who could that lucky winner be? In addition, Yugi Mutou has a secret. A secret that cannot be reveal by anyone. Not even his students. Find out more in "Mission: Take Yugi-sensei's First Kiss"!

Hope you'll like it! ❤️

Second Book: Operation: Lovey-Dovey Date!

Declaimer: This story is based on Negima! But a bit of a twist.....

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I still find it funny to he looked like a monkey to looking like a dog
yoaihunter12345 yoaihunter12345 Feb 17, 2016
Hmm i don't see a 4th wall anymore....probably because yami broke it down Lol
FukuseishiEi FukuseishiEi Oct 15, 2016
No one didn't laugh, right ? At the Joey's a dog joke, right ? Joey: Hey !
bookwormgena1987 bookwormgena1987 Nov 19, 2016
I don't want to be a furry!! (Anyone who loves yugio knows about the abridged series.
FukuseishiEi FukuseishiEi Oct 15, 2016
Well, how does he know of the author ? And how does he know she had saved a picture of him? Well, fanfiction...
                              Yup. And I wouldn't want to get on his wrong side......
Goldenfox9679 Goldenfox9679 Nov 30, 2015
Your other story is very interesting and one of my favorites please keep up the good work