Troubled One (Wilde #2)

Troubled One (Wilde #2)

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*cover by harleenhollow*

       Munro Wilde is as troubled as they come. But who can blame him? His dad was in prison for five years and his mom took off, then returned only to be sent to prison. He thought his older brother having custody of him would help him.

       Boy, was he wrong.

       Getting into fights calm him, as do pulling endless amount of pranks and getting into trouble. He thought he could have a carefree life with nothing to worry about. That was until his older brother decided to stick him into the school play. There's nothing worse than to be stuck in the one place you can't stand.

       Munro's life is a mess. He knows it. He never thought he could change until someone comes along. One girl can change everything.


This is a sequel to Fight for Me, but it can be read as a standalone. There will be spoilers, however, from Fight for Me, just in case you want to read it.

  • acting
  • change
  • detention
  • love
  • miami
  • play
  • pranks
  • troubled
  • troublemaker
 #rr it’s 6 am and I’ve been up all night reading wattpad... I’m so screwed
RoseColoredHan RoseColoredHan Jul 10, 2017
Wattpad books always weird "punishments". 
                              Oh, you detonated a bomb in the cafeteria? Looks like you'll be helping the librarian for a month 😂
23sgirl 23sgirl Oct 25, 2016
I love grayson and poppy as much as I love laughlin and elliot no offense to the wildes but I read about grayson and poppy before I read fight for  me but it is so weird to hear about grayson and poppy as not the main characters in this story and vice versa but I love them all
Lunagust Lunagust Aug 31, 2016
I'm so used to him being young. I can't do it! He's too old! ;(
IrajNowaz IrajNowaz Oct 07, 2016
                              ID RATHER GET EXPELLED 😫✖️
ScilesStilinski24 ScilesStilinski24 Aug 28, 2016
A walk to remember anyone?😏😏(EXCLUDING the ending though--well hopefully)