Smile {Ereri Kidfic}

Smile {Ereri Kidfic}

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-Hisoka- By -Hisoka- Completed

Seven year old Eren is a bundle of happiness but lately his smiles have been turning in to light blushes because of the new kid, Levi. Eren notices a constant frown on Levi's face and decides to do whatever it takes to make him Smile.


                      Sequel: '•Smile Shots•'

                      [Completed Dec 2015]

Maybe because I'm new is why I only I have one friend and Kinda skips Almost every day in school.  . . . . .heh
Lol I remember elementary school when I had a lot a friends and sadness wasn't a thing. *sighs* Good times.
levisduster levisduster Nov 13
I only have like 4 friends. And in elementary school I had 2. HoW EreN hoW?!
sugarpop94 sugarpop94 Dec 01
I did and then life hit me like an effing truck. Dear lord how I wish I was 5
Justkatdetails Justkatdetails 6 days ago
Is it bad that i can relate to eren... i have way more friends than that tho
This opposite of me!!!!!!!! I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!!!! THE STRUGGLE IS REAL