The Girl From the Land of Waves (A Naruto Fanfic) *On Hold*

The Girl From the Land of Waves (A Naruto Fanfic) *On Hold*

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Kumiko-chan By Kekkei_Genkai42 Updated Jan 19

Date Started: 9/20/15

    Yumi was born to the only ninja clan in the Land of Waves: The Isoya Clan, which called a small, abandoned island it's home.  She grew up just like every other young girl, she had friends, a large family and anything she could possibly want. But nothing stays perfect forever.
    As she grew and matured it soon became clear she was going to be a great shinobi. But everything came crashing to an abrupt end when her clan was murdered by one of the people she looked up to most: Her older cousin, Takeshi. Or so she believes. 
    Yumi is heartbroken after their deaths and flees her village to escape her cousin's wrath. She travels through villages for nearly seven years, always alone, and never stays in one place too long. Until she stumbles upon Konoha.
     Are the kind hearted, trusting people of the Village Hidden in the Leaves enough to make her cold heart warm? Or will she continue on the path of revenge?
    And what about the secrets buried deep within her memories? They have the power to heal or to destroy, to help or to hurt, so what happens when Yumi discovers the truth about her past?

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