Protege Billionaire Playboy - ||Nightwing x Reader||

Protege Billionaire Playboy - ||Nightwing x Reader||

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|Book 1 of the Protege Series| 

Dick Grayson, son of Bruce Wayne, and one of the most famous men in Gotham has a secret. He is Nightwing, protege of Batman. When the infamous superhero saves you, you can't help but feel a special connection. When a series of extraordinary events lead you to Wayne Manor, you and Nightwing discover a bond between the two of you. But having a relationship with a two-faced man is a challenge. What happens when you discover Nightwing's secret identity? Between newfound rivalries, hidden secrets, evil villains, and dangerous kidnappers, you now find yourself in the thrilling adventure of Gotham. 
"I FEEL MUCH BETTER NOW" - cc10075550

"All I read was the summary and I decided to vote for the book just because the summary sound good" - 

"I love the interactions between the reader and Nightwing; it's adorable. They have good chemistry." - iSunflowerQueen

"I don't mind voting for a good book" - Nightingale369 

"I love it" - iluvaleclightwood

A/N: *This book is based in Gotham, not Bludhaven*

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All I saw was the summary and I decided I had to vote for this story just because the summary sounded so good.