Protege Billionaire Playboy [Nightwing Xreader]

Protege Billionaire Playboy [Nightwing Xreader]

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Nightwing is the protege of Batman and most famous for fighting crime during the night and making deals during the day. 
What happens when you meets Batman's little bird?

"I FEEL MUCH BETTER NOW" - cc10075550

"I love the interactions between the reader and Nightwing; it's adorable. They have good chemistry." - iSunflowerQueen

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Wouldn't then mask cover his eyes...... Yeah I should probably stop commenting now..........
Blüdhaven technically. Robin left Gotham for Te teen titans in jump city. Then e went to Blüdhaven and became nightwings
SEX! Okay i think that got everybody's know it's true...
arijanaandi arijanaandi Jan 20
i just melted away ... xd xd xd :3 :3 :3 awwwww .. fast heartbeat ... aaaa .. just .. too good for the first chapter .. so awesome .. so naive .. so smexy XD yup you read it right. smexy xd
pinkiepartie101 pinkiepartie101 Sep 23, 2015
OMG its u again. Thanks for being there to support me. I will mention ur renegade book on one of my stories.