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From Alice, Faith

From Alice, Faith

7.4K Reads 388 Votes 4 Part Story
liz By primadoughnut Updated Sep 22, 2016

John Walters was painted with the wrong shade of colors.
Put together with the rejected products from Elmer's.

And if they don't look close enough, they'd wonder if he's just a mere fabrication of one's mind.
  He was the boy who had his sweater's sleeves pulled down to cover his hands, his head lowered to the rest of the world.
  Alice Faith knew exactly who John Walters was.
  But for some reason, she found herself wanting to talk to him anyway.
  Silently hoping the she could try to mend the pieces of this winsome boy -
  right this time.
  Copyright © 2015 Liz Martinez
  All Rights Reserved

TotallyNotaDino TotallyNotaDino Aug 28, 2016
Even if it's suppose to be a short story this book is really interesting!! I already like the mc, I don't read stories with guy as main characters in general but I feel like this is going to be hella good 💕
Scipio312 Scipio312 Sep 21, 2016
I don't think anything could ever match the masterpiece that is Her, Saving Grace but I'm real excited for this one!
Thatdreamblog Thatdreamblog Sep 27, 2016
What a cliffhanger. Beautifully written. The fingers description like a metaphor was the thing that stood out. 
                              P.s Such a pretty book cover.
xsowhatifimcrazyx xsowhatifimcrazyx Aug 28, 2016
so far, i love this story. ur writing is excellent and ur style makes me want to keep reading on. so even if u make it a short story, i will definitely read it.
xxdeprimido xxdeprimido Nov 21, 2016
someday, i will do the same thing, but i will will never forget my mom to give her needs. 😶
Poison_Ivvy Poison_Ivvy Aug 29, 2016
Aww just make him have a happy ending please no matter what happens in the book to make it short.....