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Lucy's Secret

Lucy's Secret

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Ama Akoto By amaakoto Updated Sep 21, 2015

Lucy Heartfillia is a Mage at the famous Fairy Tail guild. 
When Fairy Tail gets invited to the Grand Magic Games and Lucy is chosen to play will something happen? 
What if a new guild joined the games and were right after Fairy Tail?
What if someone in this so called Tiger Heart guild has a past with Lucy?
Is there something Lucy kept from her guild?
Or maybe she thought they would push her away like everyone else did? 
Read to find out!!!!!

Alexo_Chan Alexo_Chan May 03
OMG am I really crazy?? Just reading those hahahahahahaha will make me crazy cause I ended up laughing *Sneeze* argh!! For the sake of my missin pants stop this sneeze *Sneeze* .....
FairyForce FairyForce Apr 30
Wow Lucy I know you scared Natsu and Gray as their annoying bickering and whining but not Erza just no, and I find myself​ trying to remind MUSELF that this is just a fanfiction and I've already written many like it
MsLockser MsLockser Apr 17
I know the perfect formula to get rid of creepy brothers that deserve nothing but death.
                              Ask Happy to fly you up 85 meters in the air, take your brother with you, then throw him. Downward. Hard
Alexo_Chan Alexo_Chan May 03
Heh... That time when someone wake you when the best part of your dreams is coming then they wake you and gives you a stupid cræp nickname.... Well that's me xd
lizchan88 lizchan88 Dec 12, 2016
Author-chan, do u listed to ' wolf in sheeps clothing ' by Set it Off
lizchan88 lizchan88 Dec 12, 2016
Now all we need is Natsu to have a sister… 
                              Dragneel x Heartfilia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!