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Yandere One Shots~Ninjago~

Yandere One Shots~Ninjago~

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Joy By LegoNinjagoFanatic Updated Nov 05, 2016

Hi my bestest friends in the whole wide world! I made a book! Well, I made a lot of books but...this has got to be the one I love the most. Actually, I still like the Sleepover Fanfiction more. But, let's get to the point; I love Yandere Simulator with all my heart and I just thought of creating a yandere book! Aren't I amazing?! There is also a moral in this story: Don't take Senpai away from me...or else.


Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a Japanese term for a person who is initially very loving and gentle to someone (or at least innocent) before their devotion becomes destructive in nature, often through violence and/or brutality.


NinjagoLove4Life NinjagoLove4Life Jul 07, 2016
Wait so who says "It must have been for the best" because im confused
JStarZ04 JStarZ04 Apr 13, 2016
Perfect!! Of course!! I passed my exams!! Omfg,THIS IS SO CREEPY GAH
Jxyceyy Jxyceyy Apr 18, 2016
As long as clay ( nexo Knights is mine were allll fine < one gets burned, stabbed, decapitated, fall off a building and get sliced in half <3) idk why I commented it here.....(I need to take my pills)
Happy_Elizabeth Happy_Elizabeth Jan 20, 2016
Elizabeth: she doesn't deserve Kai coz Kai is mine...
                              Angelica: wow, Elizabeth. So much of saying that.
MayuTheYandere MayuTheYandere Jan 04, 2016
Senpai~ You will be mine~ *laughs like Yuno Gasai while getting a bloody chainsaw out of nowhere*
Shelby-The-Yandere Shelby-The-Yandere Dec 23, 2015
I LOVE YANDERE SIM, wait Jay from the kub scouts? JAY IS DAT DUDE!