Stargaze; Zelink, Modern (The Legend Of Zelda)

Stargaze; Zelink, Modern (The Legend Of Zelda)

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Zelda's family is rich, and so she is popular at school. Her kind nature is a bright contrast to the other popular kids, and she is good friends with one of the quiet kids. His name is Link. When a celebration is in order, Zelda takes Link stargazing for the first time in his life.

I enjoyed writing this a lot :) I try not to write a character as myself but... Well I failed this time. Oh well, I think it added some depth of character to Zelda, so I don't regret it too badly.

I've been getting more and more annoyed, so I'll say it here in the descriptions. Please don't swear in my comment section. If you do, I'll delete it. Hate speech, swearing, and inappropriate comments will all be deleted. 

(if you find any typos I'd love to correct them :p) 

I do not own the Legend of Zelda, nor it's associated characters, I just write fanfics.

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                              x3 aka
                              F.L.U.F.F Radar
                              Zelda has F.l.u.f.f radar :D
Cream soda is...
                              NOW GIVE ME THE ROOT BEER *snatches*
Lol tried to look like a normal human.....
                              WHY DID I DIE LAUGHING AT THIS?
Goaty34 Goaty34 Sep 01
WAIT. Beer. Pillows. Blankets. Nighttime. Alone. It's obvious what they're gunna do. They're gunna make a fort! :D
Goaty34 Goaty34 Sep 01
Naw *whispers* get the popcorn her expression is gunna be hilarious!
"She tried to look like a normal human..."
                              HAHA- me everyday... o-o