One Inimate Day (LEVI  LEMON )

One Inimate Day (LEVI LEMON )

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Levi gets aroused and will do any thing to do jazz even if it is in an alley in town.

This is off a game I played called ninja love, so I do not own this story.

But,enjoy the Levi version!!!!

Yep I put in the description that it was from ninja love and that the story nor character is mine
Miharu_Ryo Miharu_Ryo Jun 02
No dude no  you can't touch me in public let's go home then do whatever you want
Miharu_Ryo Miharu_Ryo Jun 02
"Levi laughed happily"
                              1 i read it wrong.... Nope
                              2 it's not Levi....nope it's Levi
                              3 I've gone mad....yeah no  i wasn't sane before
                              4 it just happened.... Ok I'm waiting for Titans to attack
Gerard Way
                              My Chemical Romance
                              Depression cause they are gone😭😭😭😭
Syberia-Chan Syberia-Chan Sep 11, 2016
Not cool Levi. This body still belongs to me only, and I have the fücking right to say no if I want to.
BîTch! That ain't how things work. You touch me and ask first or I don't need no man!