kissing cousins // nouis

kissing cousins // nouis

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Gracie By narrymenow Updated Aug 03

"So, do I call you Uncle Liam? Or Dad? Uncle Dad?"

"Do I introduce you as cousin Niall or boyfriend Niall?" 


The spin off that takes you through Niall and Louis' life of growing up and being in love. And still kind of being cousins. 


This is a spin off to Daddy's Darling. You don't have to read that first but it would help!

Oh my XD, I'm not read for "mentions of divorce" haha, but I'll pull through
OMG LET'S HAVE A PARTY ....wait actually no party im tired, I'm going to bed night everyone
It better not be Liam and Harry getting divorced because they are legit the best parents ever
*gets comfy* off to a great start!! Can't wait to see what's next :$