Demigods Discovered (Goode Reads The House of Hades)

Demigods Discovered (Goode Reads The House of Hades)

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Ri By StayTrue2You Updated Dec 27, 2016

Demigods, mortals, and gods read the House of Hades at Goode!

Rick Riordan owns all.  (Especially the book.)

I do not own anything!

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                              FOR ONCE US FANGIRLS ARE ASKING FOR DRAMA
                              GIVE IT TO US
I would find it hilarious if he just gave himself away on purpose
I think I read this story more than three times, but I'm gonna read it again for fun
Me : Uncle Drama Queen in da house
                              Zeus : who said that
                              Me : *quietly runs away*
So even if the mortals said to swear on the river Styx he wouldn't be lying 🤥 right
Zeus! More drama!
                              *appears in shadows with replica of the Boo Cap.*
                              *sends waves off terror.*