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Zodiac Drama

Zodiac Drama

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RealityIsMyFantasy By RealityIsMyFantasy Completed

Me: Aries would you please come here and introduce yourself!

Aries: No cause I'm sleeping!!! Now
leave me alone!

Me: Ok fine so I will just tell everyone about your crush on...

Aries: Ok ok ok fine

Me: Yay I win ( does victory dance aka the sprinkler dance)

Aries: Weirdo

Aries' s Information:

Name: Aries
Gender: Boy
Age: 15
Favorite sport: Basketball
Best friends: Leo and Virgo
Crush/dating: Sagittarius (crush)

Enemies: Taurus and Scorpio

Personality: Humorous, smart, mean at times, nice at times, loyal, good friend 
Me: Taurus. GIRL come and introduce yourself to the viewers NOW!!

Taurus: Alright jeez so pushy!

Me: I know I try
Taurus's Information:
Name: Taurus
Gender: Girl
Favorite sport: Soccer,Tennis, Basketball

Best friend: Pisces, Gemini, Libra, Virgo, Capricorn ( they are known as the Inseparable Six)

                              MY MOM IS AN ARIES... I SHOULDNT CALL HER MOK IF SHES A BOY...
                              HEY DAD
PISCES IST ME! pisces aren't mean btw, that's just rumours of haters :b
DaMiBu DaMiBu Apr 11
Lol I suck at tennis twice I hit it out of the court. And both times hit the same car
I love these both but soccer is third it would probs be volleyball
U WANNA GO BOI!!! (btw this u my and my bff I'm ♉ my Bff is ♏)
And Cancer *Cough* Me *cough* isn't a friend or an enemy... okie