Zodiac Drama

Zodiac Drama

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Me: Aries would you please come here and introduce yourself!

Aries: No cause I'm sleeping!!! Now
leave me alone!

Me: Ok fine so I will just tell everyone about your crush on...

Aries: Ok ok ok fine

Me: Yay I win ( does victory dance aka the sprinkler dance)

Aries: Weirdo

Aries' s Information:

Name: Aries
Gender: Boy
Age: 15
Favorite sport: Basketball
Best friends: Leo and Virgo
Crush/dating: Sagittarius (crush)

Enemies: Taurus and Scorpio

Personality: Humorous, smart, mean at times, nice at times, loyal, good friend 
Me: Taurus. GIRL come and introduce yourself to the viewers NOW!!

Taurus: Alright jeez so pushy!

Me: I know I try
Taurus's Information:
Name: Taurus
Gender: Girl
Favorite sport: Soccer,Tennis, Basketball

Best friend: Pisces, Gemini, Libra, Virgo, Capricorn ( they are known as the Inseparable Six)

SapphireBlue19 SapphireBlue19 Dec 05, 2016
3 down nine more to go! Why do I have so many friends I don't know about?!
YAS THAT WPULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE! Cause both my crushes are virgos......
ToManyPeople ToManyPeople Nov 02, 2016
Very accurate.. how sad my life. No. I hate everybody, never mind.
kawaiicat43 kawaiicat43 a day ago
No soccer that's requires wayy to much running and I am....um....what people call out of shape😂
SapphireBlue19 SapphireBlue19 Dec 05, 2016
Yay! I must be one of the most negative/positive Virgos ever, neutral is a better word to describe me though!
Sylmarils Sylmarils Nov 03, 2016
That momento when you realize that Capricorn is Logan Lerman and you are just soooo happy because your sign is dating him.