Forbidden Desire

Forbidden Desire

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ジュリア•リュウ By JurieLou Updated Aug 15, 2017

Once Sakura went on another mission with team Kakashi and other nin-friends from the village. Though a blindfolding storm separates her from them leaving completely alone in the middle of the forest. Though Sakura's loneliness will not last for forever.

Or a story where Sharingan is used on a completely different purpose...

Everything takes place in the AU where Itachi managed to stay alive after the final battle with Sasuke and Akatsuki didn't dissolve, 3 years later.

Pairing: Itachi/Sakura
Fandom: Naruto
Size: Midi

~ Very first try on here as a finished fanfiction. The story I 'composed' a loong time ago now being edited and transformed in digital version.
Let's see what it'll be like... And! Feel free to comment and tell your thoughts about the story :) ~

• PG-15/R
• Char's traits MAY DIFFER (a little or not) from canon! {Risk of OOC thing}

I warned you!

Anyways, enjoy~


Original work (manga & anime) - by M. Kishimoto.

UPD 15/8/17: 17K reads and 640+ votes <33 Deeply appreciate your comments and support!!!

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Celestial-Fawnis Celestial-Fawnis Nov 29, 2016
Actually i belive those are marks made due to lack of sleep?
Procraccino Procraccino Mar 17, 2016
Insects? Well, he IS a weasel. And insects are also animals in some way