Follow The Rules (One Direction Spanking)

Follow The Rules (One Direction Spanking)

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DreamingOfOreos By DreamingOfOreos Updated Nov 10, 2013

This is a One Direction spanking story.

Zayn, 20 Louis, 21 Liam, 16 almost 17 Harry, 16 Niall, 15

They all are living together under Louis and Zayn's care. Their parents have given them free rein as to how they chose to deal with them, to keep them in line. 

They tried everything, from groundings to taking away privileges, but nothing worked. One day when Louis and Zayn were discussing what they where gonna do because they were becoming to much. Then Zayn said "Why don't we spank them?" Louis was unsure but he thought if it worked what's the harm. 

They decided to make a set of concrete rules. Here they are:

Be respectful and mindful of others
No cursing
No back talk
No sneaking out
Do as you're told the first time
Do your chores

We will give you warning. 

If your break the rules you will be grounded, privileges taken away, and spankings if we see fit. 

So now the only thing left is to tell the boys. 

A/N So they'll be written like one-shots and I will gladly take request! 


DreamingOfOreos DreamingOfOreos Apr 30, 2013
@blackbee27 I'm writing right now! :D Yay!! I can't wait to read it!!
blackbee27 blackbee27 Apr 30, 2013
@DreamingOfOreos Really?! Cause I love you too and I love making people smile =D YAY!!!!!!! Now back to working on chapter 5 of learning curves...... UPDATE SOON PLEASE!!!!
DreamingOfOreos DreamingOfOreos Apr 30, 2013
@blackbee27 thank you!! Seriously I love you! You're comments always make me smile! :D
Batmanl1am Batmanl1am Apr 28, 2013
Stylinson4EverAlways Stylinson4EverAlways Apr 24, 2013
@DreamingOfOreos hmmmm. Maybe have Harry be spanked for continuously stripping? Idk really. That sounds really funny I suppose. Lol. ;)
DreamingOfOreos DreamingOfOreos Apr 23, 2013
@Stylinson4EverAlways haha!! You totally made me smile! Anything specific you want Harry to get in trouble for?