The Man and the Girl (BWWM)

The Man and the Girl (BWWM)

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The brown facing brick three storey building stood large in the middle of the famous industrial hub of the busiest city in Africa. Delivery trucks, neatly parked in the front of the factory, resembled metal guards who waited patiently to escort their precious cargo to stores where customers waited in anticipation for the new stock that was soon to arrive.

The place was abuzz with activity. Employees came in and out of the main entrance, either putting boxes into the waiting trucks or going off to places unknown, and others coming back from such places, to their offices where work awaited them.

The factory began as a small family business which, ten years after its inception, received a massive financial injection from an unknown source. The family slowly lost control of the business as forces beyond their control began to sell the brand of the business with much vigour.

Any self-respecting woman knew of the product the factory manufactured. High end quality spoons that separated the...

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tbh i think it s kinda cool that i  can understand most of this bc it s a lot like dutch , even though it isn t even cool but mkay
Bigheadco07 Bigheadco07 Aug 21, 2016
I'm sorry but isn't "kaffir" the equivalent of the word "N*gger" in the states?
carakhol carakhol Feb 18
Poor anne marie.  He'll end falling in love with a girl who dislikes or hate him probably
CastaDesann CastaDesann Nov 21, 2016
Your make it seem like it's one country there are over 50 countries and over 1 billion people.
JordanAshley555 JordanAshley555 Jul 23, 2016
I'm confused. Is the unit for segregation? Or didn't they help dismember segregational gov?
jaylareese59 jaylareese59 Dec 31, 2016
Africa is a continent not country so you have to be more specific