Bound To You

Bound To You

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Bella Esther By IIJayIILovesBooks Updated Jul 24

"She looked up and her eyes narrowed in to his striking steely grey eyes fringed by his thick eyelashes that flickered against his cheeks ever so often."

"His eyes narrowed in on hers too and in the mystification she realized that this man was her mate."

Arabella Gardenia carries the world on her shoulders. As a young child, she was expected nothing more than to meet her parent's and pack's expectations. Now, as a young woman, those expectations are coming into reality. Unfeeling from years of training, Arabella is sent to England to start over, but that is until she meets the King. 

Arabella Gardenia moves to a new continent to get closure after her horrible incident with the King. When Arabella meets the King in person and realizes who he is to her, she does not want him. But when Arabella is in trouble, the King wants to rescue her, dark secrets are unraveled and she would rather die than let him save her. When she realizes who he, she does not want him for what he did to her. However with all the challenges she faces he seems to be there for her. Her choices affect him immensely but her negligence to his emotions will come with consequences.

Will he forgive her? Will she forgive him?

~ A King Only Bows Down To His Queen ~


Highest Ranking: #80 in Werewolf

First Place Winner for The People's Choice of Best Werewolf Book in the Rose Awards

Winner of Winner's Hidden Skill in The Sapphire Awards

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StalkerAtYourWindow StalkerAtYourWindow Nov 04, 2017
This is amazing! Can't wait to read the whole thing over again😈
NeverWouldGuess NeverWouldGuess Sep 02, 2017
That. Was. Beautiful. One of the best trailers I've ever seen on wattpad.
The trailer! Wow! It looks great can’t wait to read this book!
SunMoonStarsAliens SunMoonStarsAliens Jul 06, 2017
Does anyone know what is the name of the anime?
                              If you do please tell me :)
Damn this is an amazing trailer!!So excited to read this book.
Omgbigbang1234 Omgbigbang1234 Jul 06, 2017
I'm crying so hard😭😭 that anime movie is soooo sad😭😢💔💔