Neko!Levi x Reader {AU}

Neko!Levi x Reader {AU}

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Shananigan By _Keezheekoni_ Updated 3 days ago

Who can resist a tiny adorable heichou c;

   .My writing skills
 . A lot still needs to be edited~

Thank you to anyone who is reading this and giving it a chance ~̎̎٩(⌒͡∀⌒͡⌯̊)̥̊◦

Ok so as we all know I do not own levi~ T^T
He belongs to Hajime Isayama
The only thing I own is the story~

As always enjoy~

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Levi likes his tea how he likes his girl... *attempts hair flip*
                              Jk, we all come from the same loaf 🍞 ❤️❤️❤️
Me: It's condom..
                              Levi: And what's this sticky white liquid?!?
                              Me: Sperm or should I say Semen
                              Levi: Who the lucky guy...?
                              Me: Eren.. 
                              Levi: .....
                              Me: Joke
Just imagining this makes me smile. Adorable little Levi-chan as a miniature boy with tiny little hands, cat's ears and tail just looking at you with a dull expression like the chibi Levi Nekos 😍
MagicW01f MagicW01f Aug 07
*if someone said that to me* "BOI GET UP OR I'LL SET YOUR BED ON FIRE"
I say this to my mum every time we talk because I have no idea how to start a conversation
This reminds me of when I read a Levi x reader fanfic with a cat called Lil shet