Dirty Love

Dirty Love

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Ahaan By myzteriouz_ahaan Updated Oct 25, 2015

Sometime its hard to differentiate between love n lust...
Love always ends up with lust..
<i mean sex>
Sometime lust too turns to a luv

then its called to be lusty love...

well bieng a teenager i came across many such moment where the lust of a guy makes him fascinate towards a girl

which he thinks its love but actually it wont....

love is really most complicated thing on earth
so i too cant blame on men bieng a man 

do read this story about lust turns to love

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myzteriouz_ahaan myzteriouz_ahaan Nov 17, 2015
actually mauka hi nhi mil ra :-( exams n all
                              btw tum kyu nhi koi funny sa idea suggest karti ??
d-d_dreamer d-d_dreamer Nov 10, 2015
A really good beginning.  I love when the main character said her answer for where babies came from was they fell from the sky.  That's a good one!
justlovenovels justlovenovels Nov 06, 2015
Amazing.... U well description of love... And yah! Young Children do have these curiosity... Do countinue this.
myzteriouz_ahaan myzteriouz_ahaan Oct 26, 2015
Actually it is... N yea definetly ....i will update soon now ...;-)
Eera90 Eera90 Oct 25, 2015
haha..nice start...keep it up...we all had that weird ideas of how baby get born when we were kids..even i had some weird thinking abt it...not from sky though...i thought something else when i was kid...but its still laughable...keep writing.. : )
atomsandvoid atomsandvoid Oct 25, 2015
Okay...*supresses laugh* i used to believe that after marriage...babies develop in women's tummy by god's miracle or something lol