Licensed to Kill- Book III

Licensed to Kill- Book III

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Elizabeth By elizabethrosem Updated Jan 05

Sent from Italy to return to America, Elena is teamed up with her closest ties to a Mafia, which just so happens to be the Manfredini Family.

After arriving, she creates her goal to avenge her parents and get to the bottom of why they were killed when she was only a young girl.

 Elena is licensed to kill- not to love.

But what happens when she is expected to be Mafia partners with a cold-hearted, secretive Greek man that is haunted by his past?

Will the charming, yet bitter Matthias be able to intrigue this assassin?

Or will their dark, yet alike pasts catch up with them, creating an outcome similar to the same ends of a magnet?

nefadidiva nefadidiva Dec 11, 2016
I am so glad you made a new book. I really loved passion n desire. I hope this one is as epic as those... Love yah. N keep writing
KN3Forever KN3Forever Nov 17, 2016
English, Spanish, and currently leading Korean. I know a little bit of  other languages too but I didn't feel like listing all of them. Where I lived at was so diverse so everybody naturally learned some foreign languages.
nefadidiva nefadidiva Dec 11, 2016
Couldn't her last name be Salvatore? Seeing that in vampire diaries Elena loved both Salvatore brothers. Sigh😥
I speak and understand English & Spanish. I'm currently learning how to speak Italian & French
leonor-03 leonor-03 Dec 29, 2016
English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Mandarin an I understand Italian and Cantonese
xxdeliriumxx xxdeliriumxx Dec 19, 2016
English, German, Dutch, Spanish and I understand Swedish, Italian, Catalan and French