My Ex Bad Boy Best Friend (NOT EDITED)

My Ex Bad Boy Best Friend (NOT EDITED)

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-I wrote this book a long time ago, and it's honestly written so badly I wouldn't even read it-

WARNING: Please do not correct or judge anything, I wrote this book a long time ago and was young at the time, so the way characters and storyline are perceived is not the best 



Tatum Crawford.
She's an average 18-year old teenager.
She's clumsy, sarcastic, and has a tomboy personality.
Her life was full of drama and she wanted nothing to do with it, to Tatum everything was frustrating.
She's gotten over everything that did happen, except...........
Her Ex best Friend.
River Lockwood.
He's the towns Bad Boy.
River and Tatum use to be best friends.
Until one night.....
River screamed and flipped out on Tatum, and she doesn't even know why.
They don't talk to each other, they haven't since sophomore year.
What happens when River and Tatum cross paths? Will they become friends again? Or more?  

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Damn I thought the guys name was Tatum and hers was river😅
How old is Tatum and river? I might sound dumb but I'm not sure so... how old are they?
IrmaGeorge IrmaGeorge Jul 15
You need some cream for that burn? Heard this on called 'You Deserved That' works wonders.
All hail the Queen of TVD love her she's like my idol and favorite actress
IrmaGeorge IrmaGeorge Jul 15
*flips hair* thank you very much for that information. I will let you know if I see one.
                              Have no clue what day it is...
                              April something
                              2017 😉