W I L D - Grayson Dolan

W I L D - Grayson Dolan

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I put the last boxes down on my new bedroom floor. 

"Jesus Christ" I say jumping on the bed. 

My family and I just moved yesterday from California to new Jersey because of their jobs. They were both lawyers and they had to work on a serious case here in New Jersey and my dad decided it would be a good idea to move here for a while. 

I grabbed my phone and began playing music.


I got up and started dancing around while opening the box with my clothes inside and began to put them away in the drawer. 

After a while a look at the time 3:27 pm. I had most of my stuff organized in my room already. I grabbed a towel and headed towards the bathroom. 

I've been singing and dancing in the shower for more than 30 minutes now. 

"DELANY! Salte del baño o te saco yo!" Screamed my mom in Spanish. My mom's from Spain and my dad's from Italy, And btw she said "get out the bathroom or I'll make you get out"

I quickly turned o...

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sophiapacc122 sophiapacc122 Dec 31, 2017
Both my parents are 100% italian and its a hell of a loud family even i get yelled at for talking loud but its just my voice
DolanTwinsSlay69 DolanTwinsSlay69 Dec 31, 2017
V2                                                                                                *carti b voice... Know what I'm sayin*
KamBam123456 KamBam123456 Dec 12, 2017
^ bc its offensive to mentally challenged ppl and ppl just use it as "slang" these days
kobra_kill kobra_kill Dec 23, 2017
It should be like this: he punk she did ballet how more obvious can it be
ineselfr ineselfr Dec 26, 2017
Hey Sandra! Love your story but I think it will be even better if you didn’t put a name for the principal character and instead put y/n 
                              More fun and relatable
prettywhitelies1 prettywhitelies1 Dec 18, 2017
I was like ' why is god creepin on her' lmfao laughed so hard