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Scarred Bloods (#2 Confused Cliche Love Series)

Scarred Bloods (#2 Confused Cliche Love Series)

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BadBitchesOnly By Liscine Updated Dec 19, 2016

Blaze; the boyish but seductive daughter of Reese and Francisco Capone. She was a partyer, and she loved to have sex, and she also would love to punch Jay Brenalds in the face. The only reason why she knew him and had to be in his presence almost every day was because he and her older brother, Mayne, had been best friends since they were infants. The man truly annoyed her, and it didn't help that he was two years older than her so he felt he had some type of 'authority'. Even though he was 21 and she was only 19 she could still put him in the hospital.  But it was fine; she had Brooke, his cousin and her best friend, to help keep him in check.
	Jay was an only child; his make believe brother just happened to be his best friend, Mayne. The two were like two peas in a pod, inseparable, especially during a mission. Jay's Dad worked for Mayne's parent's organization as a tracker often and that allowed him and Mayne to work as assassins. They helped kill the worst of the criminals for the government and got paid for it. It was easy money.
	Blaze was completely content with being oblivious of their double life but of course she just had to get thrown in it. All she wanted to do was get some fried chicken from Mr. Brenalds; instead she ends up seeing Mayne slit someone's neck while Jay snapped another's. If that doesn't make you lose your appetite...
	"Jay, if you touch my fucking boob I will cut your hand off." I threatened, staring at the body part with a very life-threatening glare. Jay thought over it for a minute, his eyes moving from his hand to my breasts multiple times. His hand then moved forward and grabbed my boob. I stared up at him in shock, and my anger was just rising as time went by. I was going to kill him.
	"That is why I was born with two, Blaze."
Cover by @Eveninglatte

geekyyazzie geekyyazzie Jun 21, 2016
Hmmmm I think that's from a man name Ray Brenalds just saying
1_Princess_Jasmine 1_Princess_Jasmine Jul 25, 2016
Ray Brenalds, And Jay Brenalds. Psycho annoying overly sexual perverts
-tristes -tristes Jul 13, 2016
no, he wants to choke u.....
                              .....with his dick.......
                              comment 'me' if u checked wht i wrote
isamaury isamaury Sep 14, 2016
what happened to the book? I clicked the update and now there's only 3 chapters:(((
- - Jun 13, 2016
Hmmmm...who does that remind you of????? *cough* HIS DAD *cough*
sweetlove2013 sweetlove2013 Jun 23, 2016
Taking on the daddy business nice..  now  I wanna see the twist an truns Again  more blood an sex love action an sex all mix together