Attacked (sterek story) [COMPLETED]

Attacked (sterek story) [COMPLETED]

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Sammy By sterekxmalec Completed


In 4 years, Beacon hills is being under attack by other werewolves from other country, hundreds! They are looking for something, or someone, but the pack doesn't know who, or what they want.
Stiles has a secret that he hasn't told anyone yet. Last year,  a witch turned Stiles into a werewolf. A purple eyed werewolf, they are as powerful as Alphas. 
When will the pack find out who they are really going after? The last purple eyed werewolf, Stiles. Will stiles and Derek's feelings for each other distract each other from what's going on?

I own none of the characters

Sorry if this is pretty bad this is my first Fanfiction and when I wrote this I was so bad at writing (I probably still am) lol thanks for so many reads XD

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Gocrope Gocrope Jan 04, 2017
Oh my god, so little and so deeply, I can't wait to read it all!!
- - Jul 10, 2016
Straight to the point, 'I love him' and its only the first chapter XD
__teen_wolf_ __teen_wolf_ Feb 16, 2016
Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes *Aggressively repeating self* I LOVE IT! <3
_Gay7_ _Gay7_ Feb 16, 2016
Dude exactly 6 YEARS AGO 6 and I mean 6 like that was so long ago
_Gay7_ _Gay7_ Feb 16, 2016
Why does he have to look so... omg no words 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love Sti, and Stuart, and Thomas and Dylan
MeNotBugged MeNotBugged Feb 19, 2017
STILES RUN!! They want your beautiful ass cheeks!! girl run before you get fudgeeed up!😂😂💙