natsu x reader dragon princess

natsu x reader dragon princess

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I was gonna die me and my friend Nashi my kidnappers were the residents of my village. My village descriminated magic,wizards and all things related to magic, they say magic comes from the darkness and demons.
My father told me that magic comes from love.My mother had a strange magic,she show me a little she called that a "Curse Power". 

Then they tied me and Nashi on a wooden pool but they lit the fire ,first on Nashi all I could is scream her name "Naasshhiiiiii !"And she was burn.I cryed then the residents did the same thing on me like they fid on Nashi.

Then I heard screams,earthquakes and a mighty roar. Not one of a animal,the roar of a huge creature. I barely could see through the fire,all I saw was a huge dragon with blue marks on his scales.
There was dead people.When the fire died,the dragon looked at me,I looked at him preparing to die.
But the dragon smiled (it was looking like a smile)
"You are [Y/N] [L/N] ,you are the first human that not fears me so you are different.I ...

Lucy I hope u die natsu and I are fate just like these other readers if we want to hug him we will u jerk no flipping yandere ****** !!!!!!!
_Natsu_Soul_ _Natsu_Soul_ Feb 17, 2016
Oh no's........the fangirl side of me is kicking in.....BYE I GOT TO GO BEFORE I FREAK OUT *runs but hits a wall and is knocked out*
Magic-dome Magic-dome May 03, 2016
Wait author-chan so is Lucy in this because I don't see how she can if she/me have all the zodiac keys
SkyWolf2 SkyWolf2 Jun 11, 2016
He remembers me!!!! Oh and Lucy, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM NATSU OR I'LL YANDERE YOUR BUTT OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!! Ok? Good. I am glad we are on the same page. =)
Mercy_The_Savior Mercy_The_Savior Aug 06, 2016
Diva: why are you using me for this I'm a Dragon hybrid my dad is a Dragon. Dar-gon
LuckyLucyEatmon LuckyLucyEatmon Nov 04, 2016
What are you done with fairy tail because if you are that means you past fairy zero