Seventeen Smut (Request Closed)

Seventeen Smut (Request Closed)

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nene papa By mintybooboo Updated Jul 06


I lost track of all the smut requests im crying thank you

cover credit: @ah-yeong

lee_hoshi lee_hoshi Mar 22
Can I request a hoshi smut or scoups or dk or even the8 it's up to you. So, it's my birthday, and my boyfriend asked me if I want to do something new, so I said that I secretly have a mommy kink. And you can plan out the rest of the story. And can you please use toys??
Park-Ji-Hye Park-Ji-Hye Jun 29
Can I request please?!
                              A Jeonghan one that's rough.
                              My name's Althea
                               (nickname: Thea or Thei)
                              Super kinky (rough, bdsm, toys, etc.) but fluffy at the end
Can I request a hoshi angsty one please?? Also can you use the name tess?!
lee_hoshi lee_hoshi Mar 22
And I want it (y/n) instead of my name, so everyone who is celebrating their birthday or someone who secretly has a mommy kink can enjoy it together
Can I request a Dino daddy kink. Where i am younger and we go out to eat with seventeen and I have to act like a big girl instead of a little. I tease him under the table and flirt with other members leading into him punishing me. If you can i'd rather have y/n instead of my actual name.