Pleasured Women( Lesbian Short Stories)

Pleasured Women( Lesbian Short Stories)

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Cimone By cimone17 Updated Jun 09, 2013

A collection of lesbian short stories for your pleasure. Sit back relax and enjoy. Sex, Romance, Love, One night stands.   Still in the process... But feel free to read the first story... :)

Love at the Zoo- 
I quickly shook my head, our lips crashed against each other's, she bit my lip and then pulled on it with her teeth. I then bent over and scooped her up she wrapped her legs around me and I carried her to her desk. I used my free hand to push everything off and placed her on the table, our mouths fought for dominance and finally she let me win. I sucked on her bottom lip then our tongues met, they made love to each other. She pulled away gasping for air then she grabbed my top and pulled me closer to her, I couldn't get anymore closer I thought to myself but some way we did.

Flashing Lights- I smashed my lips against hers, she responded immediately because she kissed me back hard. I shoved my tongue down her throat, she clearly liked it because she moaned loud enough for me to here. I bit down on her bottom lip and pulled it to me , I then took my hand and placed in on her ass, I squeezed harder as the kiss became more intense I then took my other hand and moved it up and down her toned back, that made her move into me even more making the moment even more hotter than it already was.

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ThePaintedHeart ThePaintedHeart Jun 01, 2017
I wrote a poem tomatoe once, he said it was Cornmazing 😂😂😂
B00kl0ver314 B00kl0ver314 Jun 17, 2017
It is really well written. But I just need to say. It is not steered or to steere at someone. It is stare. She stared at her.
pastelspecial pastelspecial Apr 17, 2017
You should make a second part , I really enjoyed this . Not due to the dirty , but it was interesting . Also I am a fellow LGBT+ community member and we need more books out here that are about LGBT+
Is it really supposed to be steering or staring.. lol not trying to be rude. Love your story author
camren_here camren_here Jan 08
when i turn red around my crush she says it’s adorabl- WAIT DOES SHE LIKE ME
My best friend is bi and I am a lesbian who likes her but I don't want our friendship to be awkward