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Zodiac Stories

Zodiac Stories

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Shresthasmera By shresthasmera Updated Apr 08, 2016

All zodiac : 
     Welcome to 'Zodiac Stories' written by our dear author , Smera . This story is made up of stories and scenarios alone . If you guys are looking for all the squad , and stereotypes ; then this book is not made for you guys .

Author :
     Okay guys that's enough . Thanks a lot though . Well ,as they said , this book will not entertain any type of squad , why , when or how but it will a book full of stories like (name) X (name) or zodiac sign in haunted house, etc but it will mainly focus on the rom-com genre . 

                 Also , Request are allowed and fulfilled but for the time being it is temporarily closed to request ...
And plz don't ask of same gender...I am NOT comfortable doing that. It's not that I am against it but let's just say I have no idea to express it in words...

P.S : comments and criticism are always welcomed also it would mean the world to me if you gave this book a try . I promise to improve ^-^

FactFica FactFica Oct 23, 2016
😅 Lol my best friend is a Sagittarius and we get shipped. It's not real and never will be. @PotatOS111
HolyChogiwa HolyChogiwa Oct 13, 2016
I'm a Girl but I wanna know how does it feel like to be a Man! Thanks! Now for some love triangles lol
Artistic_Dweeb Artistic_Dweeb Nov 17, 2016
Well this is awkward,  I'm a (female) Taurus and my boyfriend is an Aries......
Jhi2Melody Jhi2Melody Dec 31, 2016
Every zodiac story I have read Scorpio is a male. I am a Scorpio and a FEMALE.
Awesome486 Awesome486 Feb 08
Lmao I used to ship this until I saw this absolutely EVERYWHERE. Then it got annoying :))
Derpzy_Fangirl Derpzy_Fangirl Nov 21, 2016
This is a very overrated ship but honestly I still like it until now