Turning Pain Into Pleasure [Akatsuki Lemon Story]

Turning Pain Into Pleasure [Akatsuki Lemon Story]

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Psychotic Lover By Kureiji_otaku Completed

Naoki Mizuki was once a happy, 10 year old ninja, who lived happily with her parents in the Hidden Mist Village. Until one day, her clan was under attacked by the Akatsuki. In order for her people to be saved, the elder traded Nao so the Akatsuki would stop attacking. 

Without her say in the situation, Nao was taken to Akatsuki. Years passed and now, Nao is 19-20 years old. The Akatsuki use her to kill people and attack anyone outside the base if necessary. How is Nao going to adapt to her life until she's free? 

Simple. All she has to do is obey, obey, obey. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

oh ma god this is a lemon chapter with my favourite akatsuki member O.o