You're So Clueless! (BoyxBoy)

You're So Clueless! (BoyxBoy)

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theairibreathe By ericaloveskpop Updated Aug 21, 2016

Oh Sehun had always lived life on the perch of a pedestal. He had his daddy's money, cars, good looks, popularity - anything his heart longed for. He was blissfully airheaded. He was also a pain in Jongin's ass.

Kim Jongin - his ex-stepbrother. Smart, humble, and hardworking. Everything that Sehun wasn't. 

Jongin and Sehun had been sworn enemies from the day their parents married until the day they divorced. 

Although he wasn't fond of his younger stepbrother, he had always admired his stepfather for his business ethics and even continued to work for the man long after he divorced his mother. 

When Jongin returns from Canada after a three-year business stint, he expects to find the same bratty, seventeen-year-old stepbrother that he had happily left behind in pursuit of his career.

Of course, what we expect isn't always what we get.

Sehun isn't that same kid anymore. He's grown and matured into a young man that Jongin hates to admit is actually quite attractive and intelligent.

Neither of the two former stepbrothers ever would have thought they'd be bonding over mutual interests. Sehun finds it crazy that he's begun to think of Jongin as his best friend. Jongin thinks it's crazy that he's begun to think of Sehun as more.

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Partylife99 Partylife99 Jul 20, 2017
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cotton_kwan cotton_kwan Sep 09, 2017
Am I the only one who ships taohun here??? I'm so happyyy 😭💖
Anya_charlesworth Anya_charlesworth Aug 04, 2017
Lol cue the fountain scene and sehun saying oh my god I'm in love with jongin😂
kriswu_fanfangalaxy kriswu_fanfangalaxy Dec 30, 2017
No Sehun no your not your straight because straight guys give fashion advice go shopping call their dad daddy, and kiss other guys in public. So you my child a totally straight. 
                              *Please note the sarcasm*
Siccabee Siccabee Dec 27, 2016
danspillow danspillow Jul 10, 2016
now just don't be like dan howell and drop out of it halfway through