Striped Carnations (bxb)

Striped Carnations (bxb)

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Amanda By Mander_Pander Completed

(PG-15??)  Abel Beckham is many things, but a bad boy is not one of them. Even though he has - for a reason entirely unbeknownst to him - reaped a reputation as one of the popular senior bad boys of Lakeshore High, he has many qualities of which can exempt him from the title. 
One - his favorite game is Guess Who.  
Two - he has an unhealthy obsession with anime. 
Three - he quite literally shit himself watching a scary movie at the tender age of fifteen. 
Four - he's an excessively bisexual yellowbellied coward who can't even talk to the blond boy he's been sitting next to in the library for three years straight.

Riley Wilson. The delicate, timid blossom blooming in the moist soil of Abel's love garden (A.K.A. heart). Or so Abel thinks, until he comes to the astounding realization that this teensy blond is actually the sassiest little jerk to have popped from the womb. Socially awkward, shorter than most senior males his age, and having copious amounts of sarcasm that he struggles to contain, Riley isn't entirely certain of what to make of Abel. 

In an accidental meeting consisting of an attempted rescue from bullying and an incident of spilt chocolate milk (a whole goddamn dollar wasted), the two find themselves forced to talk to one another. And, sooner or later, they come to find that they slightly possibly maybe might be falling in love. 

Until Riley disappears, that is.

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