The Fairy Ninja

The Fairy Ninja

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Akira Kurochi By xXBadAngelXx Updated Nov 05, 2016

Natsume Dragneel. She's 12 years old and the younger sister of Natsu. She knows how to use Dragon slayer, ex-quip, and take over Satan soul magic. 

While on a mission Natsume discovers a magic scroll that takes her away from home, sending her to the Ninja world. 

While there, she makes new friends/family, as well as enemies, as she tries to find a way back home. 

People will fall in love with her. 

People will want to kill her. 

Others don't know what to do with her. 

But what does she want. 

The Answer to that is, she doesn't know yet.

Cover by: @TheInfinityOfMaybe 
Original Plot Line by: @Narulshikawa

LoveAmorLifeVida LoveAmorLifeVida 9 hours ago
Oh my gosh now that I think about it I can totally see Natsu as an Onii-chan
gummiebear666 gummiebear666 Oct 31, 2016
Wow thats so not me!! I would snap one of my siblings necks if they touch my food! Its okay I got more than one anyways :)
caitycat788 caitycat788 Nov 29, 2016
*hugs food and pulls it away from everyone else closer to me* my food.
caitycat788 caitycat788 Nov 29, 2016
That moment,
                              Watching anime,
                              When your screaming on the inside, squealing and making some odd noise no-ones ever heard before, and making Seizure like movement and someone walks in.
LordAndSaviorJashin LordAndSaviorJashin Dec 15, 2016
caitycat788 caitycat788 Nov 29, 2016
I've always thought of gray as Elsa, and Natsu as Christoph. Happy, of course, is his moose!