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Percy Jackson/Harry Potter

Percy Jackson/Harry Potter

527K Reads 15.7K Votes 34 Part Story
DefinitelyWeird By DefinitelyWeird Completed

Just a story of harry potter and Percy Jackson's worlds meeting. When the demigods go to Hogwarts.

a_part_of_the_fandom a_part_of_the_fandom Sep 07, 2016
I'm gonna give it a try... But without percabeth... I'm maybe going to die...
UndeadHappyMeal UndeadHappyMeal Mar 02, 2016
I like this already, percabeth is my otp in the books but fanfics are like 478183748x better without percabeth because fanfics make percabeth cliche
BubblesLoveBubbles BubblesLoveBubbles Feb 10, 2016
ANNABETH!! I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND KILL YOU FOR BREAKING PERCY'S HEART!!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy you broke up with Percy, of course.
lilyhomeed lilyhomeed Feb 21, 2016
Yay thx for breaking them up! Freaking hated that ship. Solangelo ftw
PrincessShaye1 PrincessShaye1 Feb 16, 2016
I hope that I'm going to understand this book, I've only read up to chamber of secrets in Harry Potter
katniss_everdeen54 katniss_everdeen54 Jun 04, 2016
Awe danget, but this might be interesting bc I haven't read one like this