Camilla's Forbiden Heart

Camilla's Forbiden Heart

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"His eyes like deep blue fire,

for his touch your heart will desire.

Skin smooth and pale white,

but beware for thousands will come to flight.

Love you forever he will,

but leave all that you know is the final deal.

Deeper and deeper he will show you his heart,

But you will break it murder it right from the very start.

To another you know your hand belongs,

But with his heart you know you two have grown strong.

What path will you chose?

Chose wisely Princess Camilla...."

I listened as the old women's words as they panged my heart.

  • ragnar
  • romance
  • twist
  • vikings
characterXlover characterXlover Jan 07, 2017
Hey guys it's Chet! You know, the guy that totally destroyed Katara's hope for a rebel to be completely sane! But I guess it's ok because in the end he died trying to help the gang bring back peace.
Restless_Thinker23 Restless_Thinker23 Jan 07, 2017
Avatar is my number one beside Naurto your no nerd your amazing! 👌
walela96 walela96 Apr 16, 2014
I'm glad you're back, although I don't want you to feel pressured if you're not really feeling it. Nonetheless, I loved the new chapter and was very exited when u saw I saw you updated. Can't wait to see what happens next :)
walela96 walela96 Mar 27, 2014
Hi! I notice you haven't updated in almost a year, but I really love this story, especially since I've been watching season 2 of Vikings. Anyway just wanted to let you know that I think this is a really good story from what I've read of it :)