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✓My Long, Lost, Broken Best Friend (A Percy Jackson AU fanfiction)

✓My Long, Lost, Broken Best Friend (A Percy Jackson AU fanfiction)

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The AU Girl By crazedauthors1093 Completed

✓COMPLETED 09/22/16

After spending five years in Greece, visiting his father, Percy has finally moved back to New York.  He moves back in with his mom and step father, and is ready to start his senior year at Goode High.  To try and get familiar with the neighborhood, Percy decides to meet his neighbors.  He realizes, that living next door is his old best friend, Annabeth Chase.  He's thrilled.  They could catch up and become friends again, maybe they could even be more than friends.

But somethings different about Annabeth.  She has dark circles under her eyes, bruises and cuts are all over her body.  She looks tired and terrified.

School starts, and Percy tries to engage with Annabeth, but he finds out that she has a boyfriend, a tall, brooding boy called Luke.  

Percy starts to become suspicious of Luke.  Every time Percy sees Luke and Annabeth together, Annabeth looks almost scared.

And to make matters worse, Calypso, a girl Percy met in Greece, follows Percy to New York and starts attending school with him.  Percy tries to be friendly with her, but he knows that she has more than friendship on her mind.

As the year goes on, Percy realizes that his senior year could be more interesting than he thought.

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson and the Olympians or the Heroes of Olympus.  Rick Riordan does!

Disclaimer: I own none of the art displayed in any of these chapters.  Just the edits.

Warning: This story contains physical and verbal abuse, mild swearing, and mentions of rape.  Read at your own risk

Note: there has been some confusion with this story.  This story is an AU (an alternate universe), which means that the events in the books NEVER happened.  In fact, they aren't demigods at all.  They are just mortals.  Now, let's get on with the story!

BlueWaffles911 BlueWaffles911 4 days ago
In fifth grade I was 4'9 and now here I am 4 yrs later and I'm only 5'1
LBugz17 LBugz17 May 08
Was kinda hoping tyso would be a 5 year old but this is cool
No BUT LUKE IS FRICKIN 7 YEARS OLDER THAN HER! That's just Nasty....If they're 16, Luke would be 23!
Cromss Cromss Dec 01, 2016
Okay all in favor of removing Luke's arms and legs then burning him alive???
BookWorm-42 BookWorm-42 Nov 30, 2016
I'm listening to treat you better and it just adds up to the story
Me yelling from background: YOU WON'T NEED ANY HELP DOING THAT PERCY