bad boy howell

bad boy howell

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DISCLAIMER AS OF MARCH 2017: i wrote most of this over 2 years ago when i thought i was all that and was still very young and kinda cringy but still, i hope you like it !!


daniel james howell.

the one who's always trying to get you in bed with him. every girl at ashlen high is in love with him and slept with him, trying to win his heart. everyone except you and friends april and franki. he's the bad boy- who lives next
 door to you.

and he's trying to get your attention.

one faithful night dan and his friends have a party. but when you catch him in your room at 1am is moment your life gets flipped upside down by a certain brown eyed bad boy. things happen in the process including a serial killer and a few other mishaps..

will you survive the rest of senior year or get caught up in dan?

© marissa| VOIDLOVELIS 2015-2016

started: september 14, 2015
completed: february 15, 2016

Donneponnie Donneponnie Aug 09
Separating their houses, i was thinking separating legs ;;)))
lildanyul lildanyul Apr 17
I'm so fvcking reading for this story! I feel like I'm gonna love it - which means I'll probs spam it XD
mysticfreak mysticfreak Jul 20
i'm alyssa tran and i can barely survive walking up the stairs
cutetysup cutetysup Mar 24
OML lmao this is turning into rin vs haru (from anime called free!)
lildanyul lildanyul Apr 17
I'm 16 but I'm going through my senior year everyone around me is superior pray for me
Ummm, I almost drowned when I was 5, sense then I never tried to swim, so I can't swim