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Ms. Sassy By Skyhighsass Updated Aug 30, 2016

"I'm such a sarcastic little bitch... but until you have broken my walls and discovered what's really there, then you won't know that really I'm just a broken mess forcing a smile and moving on."


Liberty Scotts is a strong girl....... Or so everyone thought.

She had scars where no one would see. Drowned out her thoughts with music (or she attempted too). Hid her true self from everyone. Told herself she was worthless every single day. Believed that everyone only felt pity for her. Felt that she was a nothing. All because of her past. All due to her own supposedly loving parents. 
But this all up until that day

The day her life changed for the better.

The day she was moved there.

The day she met him....

This is a Liam O'Donovan fanfiction based around the CBBC show Tracy Beaker Returns.

kisbaedoe kisbaedoe Jul 31, 2016
Casually nor reading cause u hate one direction #sorrynotsorry
Skyhighsass Skyhighsass Oct 19, 2015
Not really the dumping ground but based on tracy beaker returns series 1 sorry if it was a bit misleading