Home Sweet Home | Destiel AU

Home Sweet Home | Destiel AU

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Shitty Glasses By TheWinchesterDoctor Completed

"Dad," Claire said. "how did you and Papa meet?" 

I smile sadly as I look into my empty shoot glass, remembering everything that had happened. 

"Let me tell you our story."
This is based off of a YouTube video which I thought was very beautiful and a great storyline. I will link the video in the last chapter to give them full credit. (I also tweaked the story a bit and added more Sam and Charlie in it) Other than that, hope you enjoy!

I did write this when I was 11 turning 12, so excuse any grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes. I was a 6th grader when I started this.

watching the youtube videos before reading it makes this son much more painful
On my version of the story, Dean left Claire in an adoption center and then she found her way back which just made it even more depressive ha nope
blowme-cas blowme-cas Mar 31
I'm actually here because I wanted to see if there was a fic to go with the video and just so you know the book made me cry and idk how this is gonna make me feel
Proxy_227 Proxy_227 May 09
Just saw the video! I'm excited for the feels trip I'm going to be in! IM EXPECTING GREAT THINGS FROM IT!
Jmfc after I saw the trailer do you know how long I've been looking for this damn fic! SO FRIGGIN LONG
I saw the video for this on YouTube and it made me cry so much