I Fell For My Killer/ a Phan-fic

I Fell For My Killer/ a Phan-fic

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Emily By MadeintheUS Updated Sep 30, 2013

Dan's Pov

  Me and Marly ran down the ally laughing. I love my job. "Remember her face!" Marly said laughing. " 'Please don't hurt me' "  I mocked causing us to laugh even more. Marly laughed so hard she almost tripped. I have a  "unique" job. I'm hired to kill people for various reasons. If you are wondering who Marly is then here you go, Marly and I are partners. We kill together. Marly is my best friend. We shared so many memories together. I remember our first kill. It was a dark October night and we snuck up behind him and pressed our guns to his head. The rest is history. Memories. Oh and I know what you are thinking. No, me and Marly are NOT going out. Marly is more of a sister to me. I guess you can call me an "assassin".

  "Hey boss" I said to my boss. I don't know his name just in case someone becomes a traitor. "We finished" I informed. "Good job. You kids have been very useful to me. All you do is come back with success. I can see good things for our companies future" He ...

MyNameIsPoetIAmAFlip MyNameIsPoetIAmAFlip Feb 01, 2016
"How hard can this be?"
                              A couple days later 
                              "I wiping let you touch my ray of sunshine"
leylalickchicken leylalickchicken Feb 16, 2015
Hmm, this is exactly the same as my cousins except the names are different, she uploaded it first as well, wth??
phanlowelllover phanlowelllover Apr 11, 2014
That part reminds me of hunger games when katnis is in the tree and se can hear Cato, glimmer, marvel and clove talking