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Keri Peardon By KeriPeardon Updated Apr 13, 2013

Kalyn Reid has had a fairly typical American childhood, except for one tiny thing: her neighbors are vampires. And now, at the age of sixteen, it’s time for Kalyn to take her place as an adult among the vampires’ human companions.

Her first challenge is maintaining her dignity around her mentor, Anselm—a quiet but handsome vampire who has long occupied a soft spot in Kalyn’s heart. It doesn’t help that he can read her mind, and she’s often thinking things he would rather she not think at all. 

But before anything can be resolved between them, Kalyn’s idyllic little world disintegrates. Humans and vampires alike are murdered by a strange new kind of vampire, and Kalyn is forced to confront the hard realities of adulthood. And although Anselm tries his best to keep her safe, in the end it is he and the other vampires who must rely on her if any of them are to survive.

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