I can't be without you (Natsu X Reader)

I can't be without you (Natsu X Reader)

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It's lit🔥 By natsufangirl2000 Updated May 01, 2016

Ever since I saw you through that store window, in a cardboard box protected by a force field of plastic in front of your muscular figure, your salmon pink hair, and bright smile. I always wanted you.


(y/n) is going off to college and decides to leave her Natsu Dragneel doll behind. She claims that she doesn't play with dolls anymore, since she's now eighteen.

RaneeaRayne RaneeaRayne Nov 01, 2016
Mah frend, u jus ernd ur self a sandw- I mean a VOTE!! and and a follower! * imma save this quote for now*
Oh, are you suppose to be a bully because to me you look like a small b**** a** h** to me
Zombiechick777 Zombiechick777 Dec 28, 2016
This reminds die of Toy Story…………… Le cri at childhood memories
NaturallyRoseRed NaturallyRoseRed Nov 22, 2016
Bish, natsu is bae! Don't you ever insult him, unless you want to die.
I Carry my teddy bear with me everywhere and I'm 12, don't judge
RiddlesHeir RiddlesHeir Jan 03
Who cares about my other presents when I have the most beautiful creature god has ever created in mah hands