I can't be without you (Natsu X Reader)

I can't be without you (Natsu X Reader)

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Ever since I saw you through that store window, in a cardboard box protected by a force field of plastic in front of your muscular figure, your salmon pink hair, and bright smile. I always wanted you.


(y/n) is going off to college and decides to leave her Natsu Dragneel doll behind. She claims that she doesn't play with dolls anymore, since she's now eighteen.

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Huh I don't remember show and tell happening that frequently but eh it's a story and I claimed hating anime back in fifth 😅 everyone considered me Erza Scarlet that year and I had no idea what they meant
me: Aww a mini towel so cute 
                              Mom: if people ask you are not my daughter
                              Me: Yaasssssss
                              Mother: whispered* not my daughter
Again, claimed I hated anime in fifth. Even tho I watched lucky star not even knowing it was an anime 😂😂
It reminds me when someone ripped a very special drawing I made for my mom for Mother's Day once... I will get revenge....
I carry a worn out jacket my dad gave to me everywhere still and I'm ten. It's special to me because my dad is in North Carolina right now, and I only get to see him atleast once a year