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Lessons On Love

Lessons On Love

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Aubrey (Bebe) By AubreyEatsHearts Updated Apr 28, 2014

“I’m going to get straight to the point. I want you to make me fall in love with you.”

Camila Jones is fearless. She’s also uncontrollably fierce and overly ambitious which tends to be a bad combination. When she unexpectedly fails an audition due to her inability to express love, she’s forced to reconsider something she swore she would never do when she was a kid – fall in love. But where is a seventeen year old supposed to find a guy to fall in love with? Turns out, it might be a lot simpler than she thought.

Whenever my guy friends start going on that direction oml like no I don't even wanna know stop my virgin ears are suffering
Me af like I have no idea what's going on at my school at any point in time
But also, I feel like I can relate to this. But it's different because I never really believed my parents when they said there wasn't anything wrong with me.
lilsies lilsies Feb 06
You sound really shallow now. That sort of stuff shouldn't matter if you love him.
lilsies lilsies Feb 06
Well, height isn't that important. There's more important things in a relationship. Focussing on height of all things is pretty shallow, especially if you want someone to accept your apprearance and your flaws.
I don't think I ever really believed in Santa. I always just knew it was my Grandpop behind that fake beard. It was good fun though.