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Just a rant book where all I do is complain. 


This is literally all of my opinions. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it. Thank you!

cover inspired by @whayever

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I'm 100% guilty of making a fic as Kane's daughter and I'm honestly trying so hard to make it different but I know it won't be so rip me
ofcircus ofcircus Aug 18
I hate how they have Bellamy calling their oc princess because he's not even the one who came up with it. It was Finn Fuckboy Collins who used it first and he used it to emphasize how stuck up Clarke Griffin was being.
Once i wrote that kane's daughter gits kane for sending her down lmao
homocexual homocexual Jul 17
and this is just my opinion, I hate it when she's the 'queen' yes queen is powerful but like... Octavia is the queen. She was known as Grounder Pounder but really she's the queen especially in S4
I'm doing one, but I'm trying to at least try to make it different.
yousxna yousxna Mar 03
But there are some well written ones, like Troublesome by This_CraZy_World