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Every "The 100" Fan Fic Ever

Every "The 100" Fan Fic Ever

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anna By -desolate Updated Jan 21

Just a rant book where all I do is complain. 


This is literally all of my opinions. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it. Thank you!

voidchanel voidchanel Dec 31, 2016
imma ask this and if anyone steals this I'm gonna beat you tf butterfly a cute nickname for bell to say to an OC?
Caroline_Martin Caroline_Martin 5 days ago
If I ever make one where the OC is the daughter of Kane, I don't care if their related or what, I will make her pissed at him for sending her down to Earth to basically die, even if it was for their people.
HelpYouFly HelpYouFly Jan 01
Am i blind? I never before see a fan fic were main character is daughter/son of Kane :o
kindaluke kindaluke Feb 09
99% of the Bellamy books I've read the OC is Kane's Daughter
narcisssist narcisssist Jul 05, 2016
Preach sister. Hands down one of the best The 100 fanfic ever
ilymaddieh ilymaddieh Feb 19, 2016
The mc is always athletic and confident. I always respond with no, I'm a shy and academic potato thanks.