Chloe and Ricky Fanfic

Chloe and Ricky Fanfic

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Chloe and Maddie go to the same school as each other, but they aren't exactly friends... They hear that Ricky Garcia will be attending their school in, the upcoming year. All the girls, beside Chloe, are obsessed and want to date Ricky. Chloe thinks he'll end up being a snob just because he's rich and famous.

When Chloe realizes that Ricky isn't a snob, she develops a crush on him. But what about Maddie? Well, she won't let Chloe have Ricky, especially if she can't have him for herself!


  "Are you okay?" He asks sincerely.
  "Not like you would care Ricky!" I say with anger raging through me.
  "I do care Chloe, more than you know!"
  "Well you sure showed it! And you don't know me! You can't care about someone you haven't said more than 10 words too!" I shout then I turn and begin jogging again.
  Ricky runs up to me to try and argue his case some more.
  "Chloe I care! I really do! Even if you don't believe me!"
  "Then where were you? Huh? Where were you when I needed a shoulder? Why didn't you stick up for me? Why didn't you look for me!?"
  "I should have done all of that, but I didn't want to look like a jerk ditching everyone else at the table who were trying to talk to me!"
  "That is one of the reasons why I don't date or even socialize with boys! Cause they're all the same! They don't care about feelings, only their image! Even you Ricky!" This time he steps back and an innocent look comes across his face then, I turn and run, this time as fast as I can with tears running down my face.

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