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Tempest (Royce)

Tempest (Royce)

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Bri By ForeverMindless247 Updated Jul 20

"You're a tempest.... A violent windstorm. You ruin everything you touch, and you don't give a single damn about it. You're the reason why storms are named after people".
  Chresanto August had always managed to fall into the bad boy stereotype, you know, the mysterious past, and toned body with maybe a piercing or two and a couple tattoos. Of course, he's got a temper and walks the neighborhood streets and high school hallways like he owns the place. Chresanto's only ever met one person who could handle his personality, one person who could actually make him happy, and his name was Axel. Everything was perfect for Chresanto, until Axel died. 
  Chresanto was never the one to mope and cry, he was the one to move on and forget, but he can't do that when one night, he runs into a boy who looks exactly like his dead boyfriend. He's never seen him before, well technically he has, because the boy who looks like Axel is a spitting image of him, he just goes by the name of Jacob Perez. 
  Chresanto has never met Axel's twin brother, and it's apparent that Axel never talked about Chresanto to Jacob because Jacob Perez has no idea who Chresanto August is. 
  So the question is; what happens now?
  Copyright: ForeverMindless247 2k16

What the fúck I'm definitely adding this to my library I'm shook
ItzDriaBiiissshhh ItzDriaBiiissshhh Jul 18, 2016
Jacob, any smart person in a fight would kick the other person off of them and start throwing as many punches, but I guess that's just with girl fights.
UrFaveCunt UrFaveCunt Jan 21, 2016
Nigga this aint no "getting to know you" type moment! This is a "get yo ass up outta their before you get attacked" type moment!
liyah_vibes1x liyah_vibes1x Jan 18, 2016
Ayeeeee ♡👌💎🤗 I can already tell this book bout to be fye
MckaylaStrobert8 MckaylaStrobert8 Jan 12, 2016
This book seems tooooo fuking gooood!!!! I'm excited for the next chapter!!!!!♡♢
UrFaveCunt UrFaveCunt Jan 11, 2016
I can already tell this book finna be bomb af! *Puts book in library*